Monday, October 01, 2012

Arts and Craftily Challenged

It's no secret that I love to cook, bake and otherwise feed people delicious things.  So when a friend made me the matron of honor in her wedding, I was like, YES! I will throw your bridal shower and cook for 25 women and they will EAT MANY CALORIES AND THEY WILL LOVE IT!!! The only reason it took me an hour to plan the menu for this gathering was because I wanted to find the very BEST baked french toast recipe. And the perfect fruit salad. And create the perfect balance of savory and sweet dishes while also offering enough options to please the possibly vegetarian/gluten free/Atkins dieting guest.  You know.

However, the one thing I hadn't considered when agreeing to throw a party of this kind was  how one goes about decorating for a party.  When it comes to crafts and decor, I'm like a man in a the feminine products aisle of a grocery store. it? Which one do I... choose?  Where does it...go?

Instead of allowing the decor to defeat me, I decided to straighten up and think back to things that I've seen other women do. Creative women. Artsy women.  Women who single-handedly brought bedazzling back into fashion while Pinteresting their way to world peace. Those women. They would lead me.

I could make cute tags to label all the food! (Food is my strength area, I need to distract from the fact that I only know how to use streamers to decorate!)  Where do you buy cute tags?  Target?  Walmart? The Internet will tell me!  Staples?!  That seems odd... I thought Staples had mostly office supplies...  I guess Staples does carry Martha Stewart brand labels.  She's like the queen of crafts, so maybe the Internet is right... Wait a minute, that can't be right... Where do crafty people go?  MICHAELS!  AC MOORE!  Yes!! I will infiltrate their lair and emerge triumphant!

Wish me luck.

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Kim said...

How far off is this event? Groupon has a great VistaPrint deal right now, where you can get $70 worth of products for $17. They've got lots of cute (and customizable!) labels, tags, stickers, cards, notepads, anything-paper-(and even some things not-paper)-that-you-can-dream-up. Aaron and I found it hard to keep our tab to UNDER the $70.